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About Us

Gayle Poppers is the founder of The Sustainable Studio. Her philosophy is simple – ‘being stylish doesn’t need to cost the earth’. A life-long interest in fashion brought her to study fashion design and business in Ireland and in Melbourne, Australia, before establishing her own fashion label.

Fast forward a few years and a wealth of experience, including that of developing and managing her own retail store, it has now led her to pursuing her passion; encouraging and promoting sustainable fashion practices through the resale of high-quality luxury items. She believes in quality over quantity and endeavors to continue to provide a place where fellow style fanatics can shop more consciously and help bring about a change in how the fashion industry operates.
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Sustainable & affordable luxury

Attainable, Sustainable, Luxury

Shopping for pre-owned designer bags & clothes fuels the circular fashion economy, while reducing landfill and minimising the damaging effects of the fashion industry on our environment. Choosing to shop local is the sustainable choice as it also helps reduce carbon emissions!
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Your circular wardrobe

Your circular wardrobe

We help you to create a wardrobe which changes with you and your seasonal needs, keeping existing clothes in circulation, and giving you the opportunity to finance your fashion choices through our exchange system.
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Designer exchange

Designer exchange

We buy your unwanted bags and clothes, to sell them on in order to give them a new lease of life.

We offer a choice of
    • A direct buy-out
    • A % offer of the sale price
    • A credit note for our store

    Is there cash in your closet?

    The Sustainable Studio is always on the lookout for the hidden gems in your wardrobe, to give them a new lease of life and love. Our designer exchange consignment store offers you the opportunity to sell your once loved designer items to us, giving you space to upgrade and update your closet.

    We welcome preloved luxury handbags and accessories … our most sought after labels are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Dior &. Fendi.

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