Christmas comes but once a year and with it comes a consuming, waste-filled crisis which lasts long after the lights are taken down. Not to be a grim grinch on your sparkling parade, but it is important to look at the way we shop during this spend heavy season! Most of us love a bit of glitz and glam during the party season, and especially this year, as most of the world see the restrictions of the last few years lifted – it really is a time to party and celebrate. Hear hear I say! 

However, when we look at the fact £42million worth of unwanted gifts go wasted in the UK alone and are sent to landfill, each year, it should make us give a thought also to what seasonal clothes we buy and how we buy them.

The Christmas jumper phenomena

This trend for tacky Christmas jumpers has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. With millions of jumpers being produced and bought every year, only to be worn a handful of times over the festive period and then discarded. This, plus the fact that most of these jumpers are made using synthetic fibres, only just adds to the overall detrimental environmental impact. So what to do? Well it is simple really; buy preloved and / or swap with friends and family for jumpers which already exist! You will see every year charity shops with rails of donated pre owned, secondhand jumpers and they are a fraction of what they would cost new, plus you are contributing to the circular fashion economy, ensuring one less (piece of plastic ultimately) ends up in landfill. Happy Christmas!

Sparkles & Bling

Away from the jumper trend however, there’s no doubt that we all have many a party to attend over the season, and we like to turn up in style. Wearing a statement outfit with sparkles and sequins is something many of us love to do, but realistically, you will – most likely – only wear that statement piece that one time. What if we re-imagine and re-learn how to shop this year? What if instead of buying new, you put some time into searching for that amazing piece – pre owned? Secondhand luxury is readily available far and wide plus you are way more likely to find something more unique, more affordable and also, more sustainable! 

I am pretty sure also that if you looked in your wardrobe that there are many pieces you can sell on or pass to someone who would love to rock up to a party wearing it. If you don’t know how or where to sell your once loved clothes, there are many options these days for selling pre owned designer clothes and bags.

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Pre owned Coast dress, perfect for party season

Circular fashion

There are always ways to upgrade or improve our wardrobes, without having to buy NEW for that one event or season. Sometimes simply adding an accessory, like a statement necklace and / or handbag to an item you already own can be enough!

Circular fashion is a priority of ours at The Sustainable Studio, it is an essential component of tackling the climate crisis, and only when we all start to take a little responsibility for our own consuming habits and change our relationship with shopping, can we really start to see a change ahead. 

All I want for Christmas is a healthy environment….. and a pre owned designer bag 😉

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